Bright Youth Journey's (BYJ) goal is to encourage and ignite every child’s true passion for learning since we are all Bright Youth. During this journey, life is filled with lessons, hardships, joys, celebrations, and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life

Bright Youth Journey(BYJ) is an international organization that empowers young individuals to bridge educational disparities and uplift their communities. BYJ has provided over hundreds hours of free classes in Python, R, and more. In 3 years, BYJ has touched thousands of students in 20 countries. As a result, BYJ has received a $693.74 grant from the Calgary Foundation, the Hero Award from ACHF, and the Community Initiative Project Award. We raised $14,830 in total for health research and food bank etc.


Join our classes to interact with other passionate tutors and students all over North America

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Let's be a part of our communities, share our dedication to making our home a better place  

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This is a good opportunity to build a bridge connecting high school students and university graduates. 

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Camps during breaks is an amazing experience for our youth and teens. Camps fill us with fond memories! 

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