Mandi J.


As a passionate student, Mandi has a great ardor for learning. She has a robust dedication to volunteering within the field of Children in need. Despite the pandemic, she continues to benefit her community through the virtual platform. 

Matthew W.


Matthew is student at University of British Columbia Class 2026, Canada. Willing to help educate the young students impacted by the current pandemic, he collaborated with his two partners to form Bright Youth Journey. 

Julia L. 


Julia is student at University of Pennsylvania Class 2026.  Despite most volunteer work being cancelled due to this current pandemic crisis, she wanted to continue serving her community in creative ways. After brainstorming with her two partners, Bright Youth Journey was born. 

Team in Alberta, Canada

Patricia Y. 

Program Development Manager

Patricia Yuan is a diligent partial IB student who goes to Sir Winston Churchill. She pursues higher level mathematics and computer science in the IB program, highly passionate in a career involving both subject areas. Looking forward to working with you! 

Karen L

Program Planning Manager

Karen is a student going into Grade 10 at Queen Elizabeth High School. She’s determined and hardworking. She enjoys volunteering and new opportunities. She is excited to be working with Bright Youth Journey!

Gillian V

Economics Instructor

As a dedicated student preparing to enter partial IB at Western Canada High School, Gillian has always had a passion for learning. With previous experience in tutoring as well as a love for political science and finance, she is eager to share her interest in global economics with others. 

Avery L. R.

Math Instructor

Avery is a ninth-grade student with diverse interests and a deep passion for learning. When not reading books, you can often find him on the basketball court, where he loves challenging himself. He finds joy in the strategic aspects of the game and the teamwork involved. 

Sean W.

Math Instructor

Sean, a 14-year-old student in grade 9 at FFCA SHS, is a badminton player and enjoys playing the piano as a hobby. He actively participates in volunteering activities to contribute to his community. Sean comes from a Chinese household and is fluent in Chinese, in addition to his proficiency in English. His interests and commitment to volunteering make him a respectful individual 

Sophia R.

Vocal Instructor

Sophia is a 11th-grade student in Calgary, Alberta who is an extremely talented and gifted singer and actor. From a young age, Sophia has been taking vocal lessons with extraordinary coaches from all over North America with New York being one of them. 

Kelvin Z.

History Instructor

Kelvin is student at University of British Columbia  Class of  2026. He has a vast amount of knowledge in 20th century European history. He has worked with children with disabilities during his grade 7 year as a helper and had volunteered for his school book festival. 

James H.

Music Theory Instructor

James is student at University of British Columbia Class of  2026. He has completed all exams up to RCM Level 10, and is currently working on the ARCT performer level. He really enjoys teaching because it allows him to share his knowledge and inspire others in the world of music. 

Phoebe W.

Music Theory Instructor

Phoebe teaches music theory for Bright Youth Journey. She is currently in 12th grade and have been playing piano for 12 years. She completed the DipABRSM  practical exam when she was 14. So excited to be a part of your music journey! 

Abdullah  Z.

ModelUN Instructor

Abdullan is student at University of Alberta Class of  2026. He enjoys sharing his ModelUN experience with others.

Ryan Z.

Math Teaching Assistant

Ryan is the teaching assistant for the math class. He is currently in the Western Canada IB math program. 

Keina J.

Chemistry Instructor

Keina is a grade 12 partial IB student in Western Canada High School. She has a passion for science, and wishes to share her experience with others.  

Emily W.

Public Speaking Instructor

Emily is a full-IB student at Sir Winston Churchill High School. She enjoys helping other people succeed and grow, and has a passion for volunteer work. She has also spoken at Heritage Park, and has sat on student council for two years. Outside of volunteering, she has a passion for writing and the performing arts.  

Timon M.

French Teacher

Timon Mao is a Grade 11 student, currently enrolled in the French Immersion IB program at Western Canada High School. He has completed the delf B2 examination as well as the Grade 10 French Challenge. With 4 years of experience in French and a passion for teaching and learning. He is eager to aid students on their academic journeys. 

Selina Z.

French Teacher

She is a Grade 11 student at Western Canada High School currently enrolled in the French Immersion IB program. She has been learning French for 4 years and has completed both delf B2 and dalf C2. She's excited to continue learning more about this language and share what she has learned with others.

Richard X.

ModelUN Teacher

Richard is a student at EP Scarlett High School. He has participated in multiple MUN conferences, each one pulling him further into the world of international affairs, and hopes to ignite a passion for diplomacy in every person.  Outside of Model UN, Richard is usually found hard at work contemplating his next blunder in a long game of chess. 

Eva S.

Music Theory Teacher

Eva is a student at Louis Riel School and participates in the GATE program. She has been studying music theory for four years and has finished level 8 on the practical and theory exams with first class honors and distinction. She likes to hike frequently in the summer and enjoys exploring new places. She is keen to spread her passion for music with other.

Team in Ontario, Canada

Edward Y.

Ontario Co-President

Edward is the 2020 Ontario Junior provincial and Canadian Junior National Debating Champion. Having a great time in debate, Ed wants to provide the same experience to others in an accessible way. Also, He hosted the debate club, ran fundraising activities, developed the regional branch of BYJ

Richard B.

Vice President & 

IT Director

Richard is a Grade 12 high school student at University of Toronto Schools in Toronto, Ontario. He is experienced with both science and mathematics. He has learnt chemistry up to the AP level and has also learnt math to the AP Calculus level. He is looking forward to working with you all!

Oliver M.

Ontario Regional Manager

Oliver is a 12th-grade PreIB student in Ontario, Canada. Oliver places top rankings in lots of International Math Contest and debate Championships. Oliver is eager to help the community and is always seeking to better himself and help others. 

Luojin L.

Writing Class Teaching Assistant

Luojin is grade 10 student in Mississauga, Ontario. She is obsessively interested in words, both in English and French. She helps with revising junior kids' articles through BYJ's English writing class and is a talented writer and editor.

Amy L.

            Beginner French Instructor

Amy is a 11th grade MYP student. She went to a French Immersion school from grade 4-8 and currently has a 7.25 French grade (IB grading). As a student herself, she still has many things to learn about the French language and culture, but will confidently and successfully lead the Beginner French program.

Emma G.

Drama Instructor 

Emma is a grade 12 student in Ontario, who is passionate about acting. She went to an art school for 2 years and has been doing drama since grade 3, performing lead roles in different school and summer productions. Emma wants to encourage others to develop confidence in themselves and bring out their inner actor. 

Diane G.

Assistant Teacher 

Art to Diane, a grade 10 student in Ontario, is a way to express herself. She has been drawing traditionally ever since grade 3 and recently transitioned to digital. By sharing her experience, Diane aspires to help other people convey themselves through art as well.

Samantha C.

3D Modelling Instructor

Samantha is a grade 12 student who loves to inspire thought and emotion. Having done visual arts for 9 years, contributing to her community with a variety of projects, exploration of new skills has become a staple in her life.  She wants to help others take initiative and pursue whatever they find newly fascinating.

Rayna C.

English Instructor

Rayna is a grade 11 student who is very artistic, creative, dedicated and enthusiastic. In school, her meticulous habits ensure that she pays close attention to courses, achieving her desired grades. Through her cheerful dynamic, she enjoys teaching and helping others to achieve whatever goals they may pursue. 

Michael Z.

Math Instructor

Michael is a Grade 11 Pre-IB student in Ontario. With high scores on the SSAT, Kangaroo Contest, and Caribou Contest, he hopes to help others with both his passion for math, and to improve himself. 

Cici Z.

Math Instructor

Cici Zhu is a grade 11 student in Ontario who has achieved many outstanding accomplishments in the past few years. In grade 9, she has received a 5 on AP Calculus BC. In the past, she has received many awards in math contests in which she participated in. With her passion for math, she wishes to share her experiences and knowledge with others. 

Benjamin Z.

Chinese Tutor

Benjamin is an imaginative and creative grade 12 student who likes to record what he sees in the form of a story. At the same time, he can also play various Musical Instruments, such as saxophone, piano, harmonica and so on. Because of his outstanding talent, he was willing to participate in the school band training and performed in the community many times.

Dea Yu.

Assistant Teacher 

Dea is a grade 12 student with a passion for scriptwriting and creative writing. She also has experience in teaching and editing and loves sharing her knowledge with younger kids. She is excited to see her script played out in class! 

Victor Cao

Math Teacher 

Victor is a Grade 12 student who greatly enjoys math and science. He has a great passion for pedagogy, demonstrated in his extensive experience as an instructor and tutor for math, science, chess, english, and music in both in-school and extracurricular settings. Victor is always seeking to closely connect with his students and help them develop not only academically, but as strong, well-rounded students. 

Skyler S.

Skyler is a Grade 12 student who has a great interest in language learning and teaching. She has participated in SHSM and a Co-op at a packaging company as a data manager, thus she has strong English communication skills in both oral and writing, moreover good learning ability and leadership skills. She’s a positive person who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. She loves teaching elderly people English and gets a sense of achievement from seeing their oral English competence develop! 

Janet S.

Janet is a grade 10 student who is outgoing ,educated and responsible. She is a friendly person who enjoys helping others. In school, she has achieved good academic performance With her diligent study habits, .Janet is hard working student who is willing to learn more. 

Tim G.

Math Teacher 

Tim is a Grade 10 high school student at Holy Trinity CSS in Oakville, Ontario. He has a good knowledge of science and mathematics. He is now exceeding in mathematics at the AP level. He is always enthusiastic about working with others as well as helping others with their problems. 

Team in South Carolina, USA

Jessica H.

Vice President & Social Media Specialist

Jessica is a 12th grader in South Carolina.  She is excited to grow BYJ social media presence and get our voice out into the world.  She will be attending SC Governor’s School for Science + Math.

Maddie S.

DECA Camp Instructor

Maddie is a 12th grader in South Carolina.  She is a member of the DECA club at her school.  She placed 3rd at State twice for the Team Decision Event and qualified for the international competition ICDC.

Supporting Staff

Ian Yang

Senior Board Executive

Volunteer Coordinator