UPenn Seminars

This is a good opportunity to build a bridge connecting high school student and university graduate. We hosted a webinar about college applications for students and parents in our communities. The two guest speakers were UPenn alumni. They gave students all over Canada a very informative overview of the application process for elite US universities, and shared their college experiences. At the end of the webinar, they answered questions from the audience.

Career growth for data scientist


Nov 25 2022 Friday 6-7:30 pm MST

Cost: free

Students Requirement:

Grade 8 and above, with passion in CS/Data Science/Business

Outline: The latest career trend in USA/Canada for data scientists like fraud detection, Cloud Services, Automated Machine Learning. DS aims at enhancing the interactions between humans and machines. They automate data insights with the help of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), which facilitates data scientists and analysts in finding patterns and generating shareable smart data.