Music Level 5 Class (Summer 2023)

Abigail Chen @8:16 July 9 2023

I liked the teacher since she explained everything so clear. She has so much passion!

Angela @8:27 July 9 2023

When I don't understand a question the teacher helps me. 

Jason @8:27 July 9 2023

It is really good class and the teacher so patient.

Math Camp (Summer 2022)

Abigail Li @9:16 July 9 2022

I liked how the teacher waited until everyone understood the concept of a math problem and went over the problem for other kids to understand. 

Jelisa @9:27 July 9 2022

When I don't understand a question the teacher helps me. 

Kelly @9:27 July 9 2022

It should be harder. 

Python Christmas Camp (Dec 2021)

James Guo @16:35 December 31 2021

I learned a lot and i like the camp. 

Jordan @16:36 December 31 2021

I wish we learned more functions during the camp. 

Anonymous @16:37 December 31 2021

I like how the classes were structured and that Edward and Richard took time to stop and ask if anyone had any questions and allowed us to absorb the content. The only thing I found was that I couldn't really understand nested loops in this class. 

Anonymous @16:38 December 31 2021

I felt as if it was rather fast, but considering the total amount of time available, it is quite understandable. I learned quite a bit (the basics of python), and besides that it was a little fast, the class very nice. 

Ski Christmas Camp (Dec 2021)

Nathan anweiler, megan anweiler  @20:53  December 19 2021

We learnt several skills, teacher was very patient. And both of us had fun too in this class. 

RR @19:10  December 19 2021

It feels like -20, very cold day today. I fell and the ski instructor helped me pick up the skis in the icy hill. She was super nice. 

AMC8 Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

Meredith Grey @10:14 August 25 2021

Teacher nice  and i learned a lot activities were fun and teacher feedback helpful 

Anonymous @14:48 August 25 2021

It was good. 

Shirley Yang @19:05 August 25 2021

I really enjoyed the different math topics we covered in class. The pace of the class was great, Mr.Mao was very clear when he was explaining the concepts and problems/solutions. The class was very engaging and the slides were very clear and great. 

Anonymous @16:34 August 21 2021

The teachers were understanding.

Python Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

Gerald @16:32 August 21 2021

It was good.

Bohan Hao @16:33 August 21 2021

The teacher was patient and taught the class slowly and clearly. I learned the basics of python and what some basic codes do. 

Kai Zhou @16:34 August 21 2021

The teacher was very nice and offered step by step instructions. He offered to help every time and was very patient. There weren't really any bad things, so overall, good experience! 

Anonymous @16:34 August 21 2021

I thought is class was great my son learned a lot from this and maybe next year he would do more classes.

Rianna Li @16:34 August 21 2021

I like the way that they teach everything and how nice everyone is.

Alex @16:42 August 21 2021

I liked how we learnt the different topics and then was given time to then use what we had learned and coded projects with it. What you can improve with the class is to choose a better time line that's not so close to other class and/or dinner time.

3D Modelling Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

Anonymous @09:04 August 13 2021

I learned how to use blender. I had lots of questions, but the teacher answered them all. 

Alan @09:06 August 13 2021

Good at explaining.

Diane @09:06 August 13 2021

I learned many things about blender and how to use this wonderful program. This class helped me a lot with 3D modelling and gave me a basic understanding of how to make something in blender. Perhaps it was a little fast for some others, but overall this is a great class. 

Ziheng @09:07 August 13 2021

Our teacher is very nice, she answers all of my questions while she take her time when she's doing that. I could also see her doing work after class, because she sometimes says she'll figure out something and tell us the next class. So, I really think she's a nice teacher. 

Kai Zhou @09:08 August 13 2021

What I like about this teacher is that she frequently asks questions so that we understand everything. She is also really patient with people. Something to improve on is the background noise that sometimes occurs. Other than that, great experience! I learned a lot like adding loop cuts and extruding, so it was really fun. Thank you!  

Alex @09:09 August 13 2021

I liked the arrangement of this class, what I mean by that is during that first week, the teacher, taught us the basics of blender, then on the second week, gave us time to make something of our own based off what we learned. This gives the students a hands-on experience. Next time, you can also make the classes a little longer because now only does the class feels over really quick, but I always find us going overtime about 10 mins or so. 

Vivienne @09:34 August 13 2021

I improved.

Edward @09:35 August 13 2021

it was cool.

Beginner Economics Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

Vivian and Eric @15:52 July 28 2021

I learned a lot and I like the class.

Jeanny @15:52 July 28 2021

I liked that there was a kahoot at the end of the class, so there some fun. 

Andy @15:55 July 28 2021

Very detailed explanations.

Alice @15:55 July 28 2021

I like the way she teaches! 

Meredith @16:12 July 28 2021

Pretty good next time a Friday class. 

Beginner Debate Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

Anonymous @16:00 July 23 2021

Debating class was fun and I would join again. 

Anonymous @16:02 July 23 2021

The teacher was smart, critical, and funny. He is clearly a very experienced debater. 

Richard @16:03 July 23 2021


Sophia Liu @16:04 July 23 2021

I really enjoyed the debates and getting to discuss with teams and debate the motions. 

Digital Art for Grade 6-7 Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

Claire Li @17:00 July 23 2021

The teacher was very funny, and nice to talk to! She was great! 

Angelina @17:00 July 23 2021

It was really fun! the teacher was nice as well :) 

Rowan @17:00 July 23 2021

It was very fun:) and the teacher was very nice.

Idy Deng @17:00 July 23 2021

This class is very great, however not many people open their mic during questions. It's not a big deal though.

Mu @17:08 July 23 2021

I like the classes because there are a lot of examples. I learned a lot of drawing techniques and tips. My opinion about how to improve the class is to add more art subjects to learn. 

Anonymous @17:08 July 23 2021

I learned a lot more about colours in this course and how to exaggerate and put expressions. The teacher was very patient and fun, I liked working with her a lot. There is not much I would change about this class, I learned a lot and had a good experience with it. 

Reecy @17:13 July 23 2021

She is really good at explaining.

Riley @17:13 July 23 2021

Before, I learned about perspective, but I was only drawing 3D shapes. This class taught me how to do more advanced perspective.

Deca Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

薛楷怿  @16:37 July 17 2021

The teachers were nice and encouraging, and there is a lot of content inside it. I wish that next time there will be more interactive activities instead of giving all of the information about DECA in a slideshow :D 

Melody @13:41 July 19 2021

I liked that my teachers were inclusive, and gave good feedback/critic on our performances:) 

Digital Art for Grade 4-5 Summer Camp (Summer 2021)

Abigail @14:02 July 16 2021

This was a very fun opportunity. I got to learn different harmonies and draw my own drawing with all the topics we learned about. For example, I learned about facial expressions and how we could draw real-life animals to cartoonish animals. This was very fun! Thank you to my teacher (Cathy) for teaching me. 

Victoria @14:05 July 16 2021

What I liked about the teacher was that she always answers our questions, and i learnt how to make cartoon animals, and I think I can improve by colour all my pictures good. 

Anonymous @14:16 July 16 2021

I learned how to draw better.  

Lucas @14:16 July 16 2021

I like that you taught us step by step drawings then talking us about colour. One thing I don't understand about this class is why do we have to go deeper into colours when this is not colour class? 

Ariel @14:17 July 16 2021

I liked this class because it was fun and enjoyable , instead it taught me how to use Clip Studio.

Meredith @14:18 July 16 2021

Talk about how to draw them and topics to draw. 

Andy @14:32 July 16 2021

I like  the software and program.

Jiayi @9:40:43 July 17 2021 

I like how she explains everything.

Ski Camp Feedback (Spring 2021)

Gao @6:59 Mar 29 2021

Pretty good. Thank you. My kid liked it. You guys have work hard.

S. Yang@ 20:45 Mar 28 2021

My daughter was very happy to meet the ski teacher, said she was very good, skiing as Alberta Top 10, worship oh, and teach them writing too [ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp] 

Hudson @19:38 April 4 2021

It was fun and valuable experience for Hudson. The coaches are very nice and responsible. They did great job training Hudson. Also they kindly send us videos . Very much appreciated. 

Sophia @19:44 April 4 2021

Mandi is such a good instructor with excellent ski skill and patient with little kids, I have a lot of fun with her and would like to ski with her again! Thanks Mandi, you did very good job. 

Angela @ 21:46 April 6 2021

I skied with Mandi twice and gained confidence now. I learned lots of drills and techniques from those drills and I don’t know how you can improve. I think the skiing session really helped. Yesterday I went to ski again. Otherwise I won't ski at all.I like the ski coach and wish the same coach could teach me again in the coming winter!

Public Speaking Camp Feedback (Spring 2021)

Angela @16:01 April 2 2021

I think debate is good.

Eric @17:04 April 2 2021

I learned a lot and gained conffidence.

Joy Liu @17:04 April 2 2021

The teacher, the technique, and everything :D 

Adeena Liu @17:06 April 2 2021

I liked how it helped me think on the spot. Next time I suggest you to not give us homework ;). Overall I think it helped a lot.

Ella @17:06 April 2 2021

Good homework and class, might want to improve on the planning on time.

Max Chen @17:06 April 2 2021

It was awesome. I learned how to create and say speeches professionally. 

Max Chen @17:06 April 2 2021

Very fun and informative. 

Angela @21:41 April 6 2021

I think the public speaking boot camp really helped but I think they can improve by letting people play more games to get more comfortable around the other students. Ok  

Debate Camp Feedback (Spring 2021)

David Gao @11:03 April 2 2021

It was actually pretty fun to do it. 

Avery @11:03 April 2 2021

It was fun and I enjoyed it. 

Jeanny @11:04 April 2 2021

I think that this camp is really good. I learned lots of things from this camp.

Angelina @11:05 April 2 2021

It was fun, i learned a lot. 

Mary Wei @17:06 April 2 2021

It was a good camp. I learned a lot about debate. 

Sylvan @11:06 April 2 2021

I like this class because it is engaging and interactive, and everyone gets included. I like a lot of the games we play such as One Minute.

MUN Camp Feedback (Spring 2021)

Daniel Liu @19:26 April 1 2021

The first class was pretty interesting and fun.

Eric Sun @17:32 April 5 2021

He was very nice and they way he taught was easy to understand. 

Eric @17:33 April 5 2021

I really enjoyed the class.

Daniel @17:33 April 5 2021

This class was for sure really interesting, one thing you could improve of is maybe have more group activities.

Joy Liu @17:34 April 5 2021

I don't know it was great, the info was good. the teacher was nice and yea.

Jade Wang @17:34 April 5 2021

I really enjoyed this camp. I learnt a lot about Model Un. I think that the MUN on the last class was very very fun and was an incredible learning experience. 

Michael Zhang @17:35 April 5 2021

Edward is good, he actually explained things properly and he's humerous. 

Michael Xie @17:35 April 5 2021

I learned a lot about how the UN works and overall it was a good experience.

Celia Xing @17:36 April 5 2021

Just making sure everyone stays on topic but other than that it was great.

Nathan @17:37 April 5 2021

Though both of my MUN classes where extremely fun, I personally believe that the MUN class im doing right now should have started before the MUN with the Crises Committee. Other than that, there isn't anymore to say about anything.  If you want more details, my email is

Someone @17:37 April 5 2021

This was a cool experience! There were a few bumps along the road but that was all okay. I just hope you improve your time management skills and let us prepare more for the conference on day 5! Thanks a lot! 

Brian Ye @17:38 April 5 2021

This teacher mixed fun with educational and was excellent at providing the needed information and material for his students to succeed. Edward create an atmosphere where students were comfortable sharing their ideas and never afraid to ask questions as he was always happy to help. A very polished and complete course that helped me understand MUN. 

Daniel Lin @17:42 April 5 2021

I've had no previous experience of debate, and considering the short period of time of this course, I was surprised to have gotten a pretty firm understanding of the ins and outs of MUN style debates. The impromptu speaking activities were extremely effective in getting people engaged, and gave me a good taste of the on your feet thinking you need in real debates. This course could benefit from more classes.

ModelUN Camp Feedback (Christmas 2020)

Manli @11:21 Dec 28 2020

My son is very interested in MUN camp and is devoted to two hours a day. Thank you lettle teachers [ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp]

Ah @19:40 Dec 29 2020

MUN camp ends today, right? Children like it very much, thank the teachers for the careful arrangement.

Chunxiao @19:40 Dec 29 2020

Children like it very much, thank the teachers carefully arrangement +1

Manli @19:55 Dec 29 2020

MUN camp is great. The kids love to play and get into it.

Xiaomei @19:55 Dec 29 2020

Thanks to the little teachers.

Claire @20:03 Dec 29 2020

Thanks to the little teachers.

Joy @20:22 Dec 29 2020

Thanks to the little teachers [ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp]+1

ZDY @20:22 Dec 29 2020

Thanks to the little teachers [ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp]

Wuwei @20:22 Dec 29 2020

Thanks to the little teachers [ThumbsUp][ThumbsUp]

Amber @20:22 Dec 29 2020

MUN camp was great. My daughter was very resistant at first. She told me before Christmas that she loved it. The curriculum was interesting. I listened to her somtimes and she was very active in the discussion.  Thanks to the little teachers [ThumbsUp]

Fang @20:34 Dec 29 2020

Really great. My daughter loved the course and said it was better than expected. Little teacher hard, excellent.

Ah @20:38 Dec 29 2020

My kids too, is it possible that teachers can continue to organize MUN camp?

CH @21:12 Dec 29 2020

It was really great. My daughter loved the class and was quite reluctant to end the day [Smile][ThumbsUp]

A SU @16:17 Dec 302020

Sincere thanks to the teachers and organizers.

Debate Camp Feedback (Christmas 2020)

Ah @15:32 Dec 31 2020

Thank you for the teacher's debate class, the children like it very much, the teachers work hard [Joyful]


Joy @15:32 Dec 31 2020

@Li My daughter likes her debating class very much. Before I joined, I was reluctant, and now I asked the teacher if there was another class.


Ah @15:32 Dec 31 2020

So are we. last two and a half hours today. The child received a lot and loved it. I hope I will get another chance to attend debate class next time.


He Daisy@16:39 Dec 31 2020

Very good debate course! Thanks to the two teachers.

Grade 7-8 Science (Winter 2022)

Chanelle @16:30 March 12, 2022

Nothing the class was great.

Jenny Jiang @16:30 March 12, 2022

No, seriously, I loved it :) 

Jason Zheng @16:30 March 8, 2022

Good Job!

RZ @16:31 March 12, 2022

I learned about biology, the human body, and much more. I would like to have more blooklets than kahoots. 

Aline @16:31 March 12, 2022

Really fun and list most science part we learned in school.

Abigail Li  @16:33 March 12, 2022

It was very good!